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The most comfortable way to make fashion better  just  responsible 

essentials collection:

Creating a standard for fashion that  looks  feels  does  is good


Impact breakdown compared to industry average.

Distance travelled: 96% better

Water use: 94% better

CO2-equivalent: 69% better

not your typical clothing brand

Fast fashion turned clothing production into one of the dirtiest, dishonest and reckless industries the world has ever seen. Lies, deception and greed dominate.

Brands refuse to take responsibility, push all of it on their customers while not providing them with the necessary information to realize their purchasing power.

There is a better way. This is where we start.

What is true responsibility?

Why do we not claim to be sustainable, CO2-neutral or even circular? Because we simply aren’t (yet)!

False claims like these only undermine our chances of achieving our vision. The industry has prioritized profits for too long. Time to shake things up!

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