Why do we not claim to be
  • CO2-neutral?
  • circular?
  • sustainable?
Well, because we simply aren't (yet)!

Everything we do has negative impact on the environment: sourcing, operations, marketing, shipping,

Being truly responsible means that we must acknowledge the full scale of this impact, keep it to an absolute minimum and find ways to reduce it further.

The world needs brands that are ready to face the facts. The world needs brands that want to do more!

Check out the Ragnarøk approach to responsibility below!



Ragnarøk pledges to always take responsibility for its environmental impact. This means that from the very beginning, the sum of our carbon emissions is invested in carbon sinks. But that clearly doesn’t go far enough, which is why we took it one - or rather nine - steps further:

Between 2021 and 2030, we are growing out our partnership with EcoTree, up until our investments in carbon sequestration and biodiversity projects exceed our cumulated emissions 9 times!


We strongly condemn greenwashing, intentional misleading and fake transparency efforts! So many brands seem to be in denial about the scale of the ecological crisis we are in and see sustainability as a trend that is to be exploited to boost their sales. As far as possible, we try to avoid terms that are misused by so many in the industry and differentiate ourselves through the degree of honesty we show.


As a mission-driven business, we do everything to stay true to our principles and the promises we make. One way is to keep as many business aspects as possible in our own hands and constantly assess if we are on track. But that’s not enough: How can anyone expect consumers to realize their spending power when the information they need to make better choices is withheld? Ragnarøk provides YOU with all the information we can, so you can see for yourself whether what we claim is true!