Made for the future, designed for today

Most of you probably don’t know the slightest bit about the clothing you are wearing this very moment. Where is it coming from? Who made it? How far did it travel? What is it even actually made from?

All of this information would help you to take more informed and better choices and make true use of your power as a consumer. The fashion industry with its giant fashion companies producing fast fashion, is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. Clothing has become comparable to a plastic bag; only briefly used, then disregarded and exchanged for a new one without much thought. How have we become so disconnected? Because so much of this information is deliberately withheld by so many big players in the fashion industry.

Ragnarøk Clothing is not an ordinary clothing company. Everything started in 2020 with a group of young visionaries, keen to show the world that there is a better way! From hours of dedicated research, trials, and collaborations to making recycled face masks with volunteers to the production of our very own prototypes and MVPs: It led us to where we are today.

We created a company that leads the way to an alternative industry, where clothing is appreciated for its value and not simply reduced to its price. Where the people involved in making it are cherished and treated fairly. Where the planet that makes all this possible is respected and regenerated.

Okay, we know what you might think now: this all sounds very cheesy right? Right. So how do we make sure we stay true to our own ideas? By always following our principles, guiding us in our quest to fulfil our mission and determining how we do things. Check them out below!


Will you take the first step with us?

Buy a shirt you like, share our message, and trust that we can build a better system together. Because together, we truly can!