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Product ID: BLSSF001

Origin (raw material): Lenzing, Austria

Origin (fabric): Händel + diller, Gemany

Material type: 100% Lyocell with lyocell-cork ID patch

Colour: Black

Fit: Slim

CO2 used: …. (link to industry avarages)

H20 used: …. (link to industry avarages)

Distance travelled (until retail): …. km

Manufactured by:

Wondering how to get the most out of your shirt?

  • Wash it on 40° or lower
  • Use organic or biodegradable detergent
  • Ironing is optional but on low heat
  • Wear it multiple times before washing
  • Leave it to hang after wearing
  • Reach out to us if there are any problems!
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Price breakdown
50 € = total costs
20 € = total production costs
10 € = supporting activities
11,5 € = government taxes (VAT)
9,5 € = profit margin & growth capital

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