What’s the best way to enable people to make better choices? How can we make the most of our spending power? To us, the defining factor is clear as day: honesty. That’s why our customers have all available information about our products, processes, partners and more at their full disposal.
Welcome to the Ragnarøk product passport! Here you can find a full impact and price breakdown , care instructions and a short look into our workshop, soon to be expanded and contain even more insights!


Tencel™ from FSC®-certified origin, yarn produced by Lenzing Group

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Fabric from Händel + Diller, certified by OEKO-TEX®

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Fully manufactured in Zwolle

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Tencel-Cork Fabric, commissioned by ONO Creations

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3.360 km

Water Use

49 litres

Emissions (CO2-equivalent)

0,96 kg

*compared to industry average


Ragnarøk will always make sure to provide you with maximum transparency in every step of our production and supply chain. The price breakdown gives you unique insights into the composition of the final price of our garments. Fashion brands generally avoid sharing information like this at all costs, as it exposes where and how they excert huge pressure on suppliers and manufacturers. Through this, they are directly responsible for appaling conditions in and around the production of their garments.
We are convinced that the insights we provide will not only allow you to dive deeper and gain a better understanding of our brand and processes, but that it will also allow you to be more critical of broad industry practices and ultimately make choices that are truly better!

Care Instructions

As gentle as our shirts feel on your skin, as gentle they like to be treated! With proper care, your Tencel™ t-shirt will last for years to come. Simply follow the care instructions below!

The amazing moisture-absorbing and breathable properties of Tencel™ allow for our shirts to be worn longer, more often and, unless dirty, they can be worn again by just hanging them up for a couple of hours!
While waering, be sure to watch out for sharp edges and avoid unneccesary hard pulling and other excessive strains.

Tencel™ is generally easy to care for, make sure however to have a look at the care instructions on the label. Here’s a quick overview:

– Wash at 30° with similar colours
– Use natural & biodegradable detergent and wash with similar colours
– Make sure to use a gentle wash cycle (‘viscose’/’delicates’ if available) and do not tumble-dry
– Avoid using bleach and softeners when washing our shirts!
– If stained, make sure to rinse right away, which can also be done with a little detergent. Same rule applies here: the gentler, the better!

We suggest to absolutely avoid tumble-drying your shirt, as Tencel™ should be treated as gently as possible. If possible, always opt for hang-drying!
As Tencel™ does not crease easily, only iron if really necessary. If you do so, make sure to use low heat and keep heat application to a minimum. 

When dry, simply fold your shirt neatly and store in a dry place. As with other care instructions, make sure to avoid exposure to heat or continuously stretching the shirt.


Our production fully takes place in Zwolle, the Netherlands. We receive the high-quality Tencel™ fabric directly from our supplier Händel + Diller from Germany, who in turn directly source from Lenzing Group in Austria.
We design, prepare and manufacture in cooperation with people with a distance to the labour market, who are experts in their craft. This allows us to support our community, reduce our carbon footprint, and ensure that our clothing is of the highest quality. 

Packaging & Shipping

At Ragnarøk, we are committed to limiting our carbon and material footprint to an absolute minimum. Our packaging is made from recycled materials and is designed to be as minimalistic as possible and free from plastic, while still protecting your purchase during shipping.
If you wish to pick up your shirts at our workshop, you can also choose to get them without any packaging at all, further reducing overall impact and material use!