honesty - co-creation - regeneration

Ragnarøk Clothing is not an ordinary clothing company. Following our principles, we dream of a world where people do not have to ask or wonder if what they wear can be considered as ‘good’, because everything that is produced can be considered ‘good’. We are not there yet. The fashion industry with its giant fashion companies producing fast fashion, is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. Clothing has become comparable to a plastic bag; only briefly used, then disregarded and exchanged for a new one without much thought.

This is where we start. We want to create a company that leads the way to an alternative industry, where clothing is appreciated for its value and not simply reduced to its price. But not just the clothing, also the people involved in making it and the planet that makes all this possible should be appreciated accordingly.

We are convinced that the only way to achieve mutual trust and faith in the business is to aim for total transparency in every step of production and retail as well as broad and democratic customer and employee involvement, creating an interacting community which we believe will enable us to continuously define and re-invent the company. This is why we put an emphasis on developing Ragnarøk together. We see our community and partners as essential parts of our company and of our efforts to realize our vision for the fashion industry.

Okay, we know what you might think now: this all sounds very cheesy right? Right. But there is a larger idea behind our principles that we want to briefly explain. Our principles are supposed to guide us in our quest to fulfil our mission, they determine how we do things.


Revolutionize & lead.

Fast fashion is ruling the industry, which is in critical need of reform.  

We produce durable, transparent, ethical & sustainable clothing, with respect and care for the planet and every person involved. 

Our ambition is to lead the transformation we see as urgent and inevitable!


Reduce & regenerate.

We will eliminate waste from all our production and distribution processes, leading the way to carbon-neutral and even CO2-negative individual consumption.

We are building a circular production, doing good along the entire cycle and helping to reduce the massive carbon footprint of the fashion industry.


Reinvent & identify.

We see part of our activity to be an ‘educational mission’, transparently showing where our clothes come from and what their true cost is.

At the same time, we create items that allow our customers to express themselves and their values.

It is time to reimagine the way we value clothing! 


Report & improve.

Every partner, every material and every process within the company should be known and accessible to our customers.

We are constantly seeking better ways of doing what we do.

We will always be open about our victories and defeats since they make us who we are!