About Us - And You

Our world is in danger, and the system we built is only fueling the incoming catastrophe. And let’s be completely honest, this planet will easily outlive us, so the ones truly at risk are we. The beauty is that we aren’t only aware of this problem, we even have the possibility to turn things around. But when you look at what’s being done, it often seems half-assed or just like straight-up bullshit. We wanted to do more!

Since you are reading this, chances are you feel the same way. The time for band-aids and half measures is over, if it was ever there to begin with. Being upset or frustrated can only be the first step. We need to transform our society, building a better one from the ground up.

But sometimes it just feels hopeless. Is it really possible to change course? And if it is, are we really worth saving? 

The answer to both these questions is yes! Sure, you can just distance yourself from society. Pack all your things, leave and try to ignore all that’s going on. Many have tried this before. Either way, there is no leaving this planet and there is no need to really. A new system is out there, but we have to work together and commit to bring it to life.

At Ragnarøk Clothing, this is exactly what we are doing. We make clothing that doesn’t just sound better, it is better. We operate in a way that doesn’t just sound different, it is different. Because we love this planet, everything on it, and this weird and complex concept of ‘being’ that it makes possible. So we are going to give our all to change the broken system we have now, since we believe it’s possible and worth it. Everyone has a role to play, and we decided to set a new standard for fashion. Clothing is the way we choose to appear in the world, so if we can provide clothing that represents a new system, then we already take the first step in creating it.

Will you take the first step with us? Buy a shirt you like, share our message, and trust that we can build a better system together. Because together, we truly can!

The journey of a thousand steps starts by taking the first one!