Meet the team behind Ragnarøk

Meike Krämer

Being a trained garment technologist, Meike is responsible for Ragnarøk’s product development and production set-up.
“Consumption became a question of responsibility and we, as consumers have the power to make the right decisions and change what needs to be changed.”

Daniel Cohen Stuart

Daniel is managing suppliers, production and oversees the start-up’s finances. He also has IT-related responsibilities, for instance software development and exploration.
“I recently started realizing and appreciating the intimate and personal connection we have with our clothing. It is how we choose to appear in the world. It should then also reflect the person we are, and the values we hold dear.”

Nina Nuerenberg

Nina is managing Ragnarøk’s social media accounts while at the same time establishing contacts with artists and designers.
“Even though the consequences of our blind consumption and our lifestyle are widely known, the destruction of our home continues. I believe in respect and collaboration. I believe in transformation. I am here to inspire.”

Yann Wunsch

Yann handles the company’s public relations, ranging from networking to content creation for social media and company representation.
“I dream of a world where we stop closing our eyes to the real cost of our production methods and progressively change them to a circular model without taking away a customer’s freedom of choice.”

Karen Zarazúa Gasque

Karen is part of Ragnarøk’s social media team and she focuses on content creation and community engagement.
“About 5 years ago, I took the decision to become more conscious about my consumptions patterns, especially those that had to do with clothes. I vowed to be a part of the ‘slow fashion movement’.”

Zagros Brim

Zagros is part of Ragnarøk’s production team, he brings the skills needed to actually manufacture your shirt on-demand, in Zwolle!
“Working with sewing machines is something I was brought up on. At 13 I started working in my family’s factory and now being 25, I still do it because I love it. I make your shirts, with and from a lot of love. I hope you feel that while wearing our shirt, too.”

Liz Vermeulen

Liz is part of Ragnarøk’s public relations team, helps with social media content and is our storyteller, which you can discover in our blog!
“I am taking your hand in our journey building Ragnarøk through the blog posts on our website. I truly believe that education is the feeding ground of change, so: will you meet me there?”

Sina Albanese

Sina helps everywhere she can, although her focus mostly lies on creative content, networking and business development.
“I was extremely shocked when I learned about the ocean pollution caused by the fashion industry. I’m excited to be working with this lovely young and energetic team and I am looking forward to everything ahead!”

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