The Story

Pollution, consumerism, mass production, unsustainable materials. You sometimes look at the world and can’t help but think:

You feel frustrated, powerless. But you choose to move forward, because you know there’s more. Even if the way forward means going against all you know. But it’s okay, because you are not alone.

Like you, many others are choosing to get back to the roots. Choosing to reconnect. We felt the same.

For everyone out there with a soul for change-making & a mind for what’s good.
For everyone who doesn’t conform or compromise.
For everyone wanting to say what they think.
For everyone willing to swim against the current.
For everyone ready for change.
For you.



Norse myth
– The fate of the gods

The ultimate destruction of the Gods in a battle with evil, out of which a new world order will arise.

Clothing that Connects


production processes to the planet
By using environmentally friendly materials produced in Europe, we stay true to our promise of having as little ecological impact as possible


people and clothes
By creating durable, stylish clothes that make you feel in your own skin and express yourself all year round


with one another
We believe that now more than ever, human connection is beyond essential. So, part of our mission is to form a glocal community. While the Ragnarøk team is comprised of a young, international team, we work together with several artists and startups from the local community


with the now
It’s all about the small things. Sometimes we are too busy to take a look at the many great things happening around us every second of the day. We want to encourage people to do that more often by connecting with nature, art, and the present


Revolutionize & lead

Fast fashion is ruling the industry, which is in critical need of reform.  

We produce durable, transparent, ethical & sustainable clothing, with respect and care for the planet and every person involved. 

Our ambition is to lead the transformation we see as urgent and inevitable!


Reduce & regenerate

We will eliminate waste from all our production and distribution processes, leading the way to carbon-neutral and even CO2-negative individual consumption.

We are building a circular production, doing good along the entire cycle and helping to reduce the massive carbon footprint of the fashion industry.


Reinvent & connect

We see part of our activity to be an ‘educational mission’, transparently showing where our clothes come from and what their true cost is.

At the same time, we create items that allow our customers to express themselves and their values.

It is time to reimagine the way we value clothing! 


Report & improve

Every partner, every material and every process within the company should be known and accessible to our customers.

We are constantly seeking better ways of doing what we do.

We will always be open about our victories and defeats since they make us who we are!